A critical look at the Communicative Approach (1)

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A critical look at the Communicative Approach (2)

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Chunks in the classroom: let’s not go overboard

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Design criteria for pedagogic language rules

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English teaching in the nineteen-sixties and seventies

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Grammar, meaning and pragmatics: sorting out the muddle

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History is not what happened: the case of contrastive analysis

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Language teaching is teaching language

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legislation by hypothesis

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Seven bad reasons for teaching grammar

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Talking sense about learning strategies

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Teaching grammar: does grammar teaching work?

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The influence of the mother tongue on second language vocabulary acquisition and use

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The textbook: bridge or wall?

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Two out of three ain’t enough

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We do need methods

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What is grammar?


What is happening in English?

(English Teaching Professional 40, Autumn 2005)


(JELF 1:2, 2012, 379–390)

Applied Linguistics: a Consumer’s View

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Less serious pieces

Brief abstracts

Chilton Research Association progress reports

Cross-examining the text

Dear BLAA news (‘Roll Play’)

Discourse respiration

Grammar: widening the scope

If you only read five papers …

Learning the piano in fantasia

Notes from the broom cupboard


Squaring the hypothesis

The use of sensory deprivation in foreign language teaching

(With Catherine Walter, ELTJournal 36/3, 1983, pp. 183–185)

The big grey book

Trajectories of identity construction

‘What do you read, my Lord?’ Some reflections on the role of literature in language teaching.

Classroom identity construction

For some other articles, see my book Thinking about language teaching.